Northward is an adult small group that meets every two weeks on Friday evenings in Newark, a few blocks from church, from 8 to 10 pm.  Our meetings are casual and generally include fellowship, snacks, Bible study, sharing, and prayer.  We usually have about four people.  Our studies follow a semester schedule, in which we pursue a general topic for 3 or 4 months.

What shapes us as a group is our desire to know and experience Jesus more fully.  We study the Bible, and often try to connect it to applications or “experiments” that we can do to see the message of Jesus played out in everyday life.  We share and pray together, and encourage one another as we work out what it means to see our lives and journeys in the context of the Gospel.  And we work together to create a community life of open-hearted fellowship in humble response to the welcome and compassion that we’ve found in Christ.

Following Jesus is an adventure that we seek to enter into together and invite others into as well.  If you have a hunger to see how the words of the Bible connect to everyday life — or if you want to know Jesus more and seek Him in His word together with others — or if you are just looking for a community to share in fellowship on Friday night, we encourage you to check out our group.

-Northward leader, Matt Thomas.