HOC6.ORG is ready for use

We are using wordpress as the CMS to host our English website with the following reasons:

  1. Same Theme as Mandarin and Cantonese congregations, emphasizing the same church same direction.
  2. We will use the same calendar system to corporate  much better with Mandarin and Cantonese congregations.
  3. Easy maintenance effort.

Same Tutorials in English:

1 – How to upload, install and activate MH Magazine?
2 – How to set up a static front page in WordPress?
3 – How & where to place widgets on your website?
4 – How to place widgets like in the MH Magazine demos?
5 – What about articles/posts, categories, tags and menus?
6 – What are the image dimensions in MH Magazine?
7 – How to add logo, header image and site title / tagline?
8 – How to adjust options & layout?
9 – How do related articles work?
10 – How to add social icons in header?
11 – How to create contact page?
12 – How to customize MH Magazine?
13 – Video tutorial for MH Magazine WordPress Theme