HOC6 Story


We’re a Christ community of thoughtful faith in action. Some of us are committed in the faith. Some of us are cautious, yet curious. And others of us are somewhat skeptical. Wherever you are on the journey, we hope that you feel welcomed and at home in our church.

God has given us some clues for the journey. The four things that anchor us and guide us in all we do are Gospel Centrality, Holistic Discipleship, Bearing Witness, and Embodying Peace. These four things encapsulate, albeit in an imprecise way, everything that God hopes for us and the world.

It begins with Faith (Gospel Centrality) because it all begins when we take that first step toward God, entrusting our life to him. But this is not a solo journey, which is why God calls us not only to himself, but into Community (Holistic Discipleship). Because not only is it more enjoyable with other folks on the journey, that’s the only way we can do it — we can’t do it alone. But God has not only a plan for us, but for the world as well, and so he calls us to join him in praying and working for Justice (Embodying Peace). And ultimately, to bear Witness (bearing witness) to all the goodness that God is and that God brings through Jesus.




Pastor Jeremy (English Pastor): The captain of Starship U.S.S. HOC6. His continuing mission: to disciple the sheep of God, to seek out new life and new communities, and to boldly go where no pastors have gone before…..


Dean Chao (District Pastor): Dean is our district pastor who has completed seminary at Western Seminary and is an engineer by day.  Dean is involved in teaching, preaching, small groups and other ministry areas.  He likes motorcycles and hanging out with his family.



John Lai (HOC6 Head Pastor): Pastor Lai is the head pastor of Home of Christ in Newark, the spiritual and visionary leader of the English, Mandarin, and Cantonese Ministries with Elders Rich and Jerry.





Alice Wong (web admin): Alice is a volunteered web admin/designer taking charge of communications, design, and this website.  She likes creative design and being fashionable.