Author: Dean Chao

10/27 Mommy Packs

On Saturday, Northward an Dual Citizens small groups combined to make mommy packs CityServe. Angela had already worked with her school to collect tens of thousands of diapers for newborn babies. We distributed the diapers to the city of Fremont as well as Santa Rosa county. People came out to make mommy packs with enthusiasm. […]

Bake Sale 9/24/2017!

Thank you all who came out to support the bake sale! We collected over $1700 Flooding Relief Fund. 100% of the money will go out to Convoy of Hope, in the name of Jesus to help those who need it! For photos and videos, visit our facebook group!  

Pray for Flooding Victims

We will be dedicating meditation time during Sunday Service to pray for Hurricane Harvey victims. Here’s a good resource on what to pray for! How to Pray for Those Affected by Texas Flooding In the meantime, let’s be alert about Irma!

Sushi Making Adventure

What happens when Iron Chef evolves into Sushi Making? … Great job guys and no one got food poisoning!! Best Uni I’ve ever had too

Christmas 2016

A very 21st century question to ask when reading the account in Matthew 2:1-12 is “what has Jesus done for the wise men that they were willing to travel 1000 miles from Babylon to Bethlehem to see, worship, and offer gifts to a young boy?” What can a 2-year old boy do for a priestly […]