Christmas 2016

A very 21st century question to ask when reading the account in Matthew 2:1-12 is “what has Jesus done for the wise men that they were willing to travel 1000 miles from Babylon to Bethlehem to see, worship, and offer gifts to a young boy?”

What can a 2-year old boy do for a priestly caste who seemingly have everything the world can offer at the time?

Probably not much.

Yet, this group of wise men are wiling to endure the harshness in the desert. The heat of day and the cold of night. The chapped lips, cracked skins, snakes, scorpions, bandits, dehydration, quick sands, and the uncertainty if their endeavor would actually lead them to what they were looking for: King of the Jews.

How about the Unwise King in Jerusalem, which is merely 5 milesaway from Bethlehem. The Scriptures tells us that when he and the spiritual leaders learned about where the Messiah is they didn’t bother to lift a finger! These are the leaders of a people whom God had shown lovingkindness (hesed) over, over, and over throughout her existence.

What about you, readers of the blog. If you are a believer, I hope you would worship like the wise men did. John 4:23 tells us that God is looking for true worshipers who would worship Him in spirit and truth. If that’s not the church, who else is it gonna be?

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